Cepacia (keːˈpā’shē-ă)

Durham School & Shadow Dreams are taking a new play, a student production, to the Edinburgh fringe in August. This is a wonderful opportunity for all involved to take part in the world’s greatest arts festival.

The play, Cepacia, was written by Stephen and developed with Amy Brownlee the Head of Drama at Durham School and a wonderful cast of creative students.


Jen, in a foster home with abusive past, Alex, in a boarding school, both have Cystic Fibrosis. Jen’s a bit skinny but reasonably well, Alex is desperate for a lung transplant after years of destructive lung infections. They meet in a CF chat room and Alex learns it’s nearly Jen’s birthday which nobody is going to celebrate, unless…

The production is to take place at the Greenside Venue in Nicholson Square, Edinburgh. It will be in the Emerald Theatre, Monday August 13th to Saturday August 18th 2018 at 19:40 for approximately 50 minutes.

Ticket info can be found here.

Save the dates, the fringe is an awesome summer trip and Cepacia, we hope, will be very special.

We’re also looking for Angels, “Theatrical Angels” that is

This is our first venture to Edinburgh,  a significant and exciting challenge for our young cast and crew. It’s also an expensive exercise; around £2k for the venue, somewhat more for accommodation, then fringe registration, insurance, music rights, set, transport etc. etc. If we achieved the very best we could with ticket sales and a Sell Out run of shows (which may be a little unlikely), we’d still be losing around £2000. So we’re looking for theatrical Angels to support our efforts. Any scale of contribution would be gratefully received with programme recognition, adverts, comp tickets as appropriate. Don’t delay –  support today. The link below is one very easy way you can be an Angel and we can claim the tax back. Please select Cepacia under purpose of gift.