About Us

Shadow Dreams as an entity was first formed back in 1990 to develop and seek commissioning of a television series called “It’s Your Body” for children and young people on their development, health and welfare. Despite considerable interest in the project it failed to be commissioned and in 1991 Stephen returned to working in medical practice as a Paediatrician.

In 1988, when a Paediatric Registrar on a Children’s Cancer Ward, Stephen and his colleague Roger Guertin conceived and developed a series of videos to teach children about the diagnosis, investigation and the treatment of their Cancers or Leukemias.

The videos won two national and one international award, and were used in every Children’s Cancer Centre in the UK as well as many similar units around the world.

Stephen has subsequently written and produced videos on:

  • Neonatal and Paediatric Resuscitation,
  • Child Protection
  • Cancer Care.

Shadow Dreams 2.0

Now the company has rebooted as a Stage and Media Production company, with the new intention to develop and deliver productions across a range of forms in a variety of new locations. New work or revisited, school, amateur or professional, we’ll work with anyone that shares our passion. We’re even looking at developing a venue in Durham.

So if you’re in doubt, contact us!